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Swiss shower

In this procedure, temperature and a jet of water are used to massage the body. Swiss showers massage, relax, reduce blood pressure, improve metabolism and peripheral circulation efficiency, as well as prevent venous and lymphatic insufficiency.

Power shower

This hydrotherapeutic procedure involves alternate dousing of the body by means of a jet or flat spray with warm and cool water. For example, warm water at 40°C is applied for 1-2 minutes, followed by 20-30 s blast or spray of cool water at 20°C. The procedure can cover the whole body or specific parts. It improves blood circulation, toughens the body, relaxes muscles and has an overall soothing effect.

Underwater manual massage

During the massage the patient is submerged in water while the massage is given underwater.  The most common type involves massaging of the body by means of a jet of water streaming from a nozzle at a pressure of 0.3 Mpa. This stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves pain and enhances metabolism. It is recommended for rehabilitation and sport activities.

Hydro massage

This type of massage combines the advantages of traditional massage and the beneficial effects of a water bath. The high-pressure water jets hit muscles and release their tension. The procedure is ideal for patients suffering from spinal pain and problems, circulatory system disorders, sleep disorders, nervous system diseases, fatigue, stress and nervous tension. It also accelerates the burning of fatty tissue.

Hydro massage with ozone therapy

This procedure is performed in water and involves non-invasive percutaneous application of ozone. Hydro massage has a great effect on the body and the spirit, fighting depression and pain, improving the blood supply to the skin and its condition.

Whirlpool massage

The massage of the upper and lower limbs or shanks. The procedure is performed in special tubs with a device causing the water to whirl. This reduces the muscle tension and swelling, relaxes tissues, improves circulation and soothes pain. Whirlpool massage is recommended in such conditions as: post-injury muscular atrophies, osteoarthrosis and paraparesis.

Hot and cold immersion bath

Bathing in water of variable temperature (cold and hot, alternatively). It is recommended in diabetic polyneuropathy, paraparesis, circulatory and venous disorders and dizziness.  The procedure improves blood circulation, overall immunity of the body and the quality of sleep.

Aromatherapy bath

Relaxing and stress-relieving moments in a bath of water with a mixture of essential oils.  The aromatherapy bath is a perfect way to soothe and nurture the senses. It is an ideal supplement to other treatments in locomotor system disorders and diseases.

Pearl bath

Bathing in a tub with streams of small air bubbles. The pearl bath relaxes the body, relieves stress, enhances blood circulation and metabolism. Recommended conditions include early stages of atherosclerosis and sleep disorders.