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Non-refundable stays at the “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław

Health is the greatest gift and one should never forget it. This is why a therapeutic package is what to look for when planning a holiday for your family and yourself. This kind of holiday, where rest and recreation is combined with professional rehabilitation, is successfully offered by the “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław – a health spa centre located in the city with the cleanest air in Poland.

Your health needs to be looked after all the time. Leisure time provides the best opportunity for regeneration.  Make a good use of it by visiting a place where you will relax and can enjoy professional rehabilitation services. Instead of going through the hassle of arranging a private trip, choose a therapeutic holiday and give your body the essential energy boost, relax, get fitter and healthier.  

Why not make Inowrocław your holiday destination?

The city boasts the cleanest air of 153 Polish cities evaluated in a recent report by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This is where you will find the enchanting Park Solankowy, stretching on about 85 hectares, and salt brine graduation towers which are a natural inhalation facility. There is space for walking, good air for breathing and - what's particularly important - a health spa centre where you can regain your vital force – the “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław.

“Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław is a health spa centre, which has been promoting health and the rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases, affections and problems for over 140 years. The centre specialises in neurologic, cardiac and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Visitors from all over Poland come in appreciation of the local assets, advantages and extensive experience. Our rehabilitation services are also enjoyed by foreign patients. No wonder. Your health can be well taken care of and improved in such a professional medical centre surrounded by beautiful nature and the beneficial influence of the brine graduation towers.

Therapeutic stays, offering 4 treatments a day, Salt Grotto sessions (except for Sundays and public holidays) and full board are offered all year round. All treatments are individually selected according to each patient’s needs during a specialist consultation included in the package. With the patients’ wellbeing in mind, “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław keeps expanding its range of treatments offered. You can choose from over 80 different hydrotherapy, physical therapy and kinesiotherapy treatments and massages. They include treatments and procedures based on natural materials, such as brine and peloids. All for the best possible effects of your stay.

Accommodation is provided in a few facilities of the “Solanki” Medical SPA, Willa Ostoja and As. All of them are situated on the edge of the beautiful Park Solankowy. The brine graduation towers, which encourage relaxation and regeneration, are located just a stroll away. The prices vary, depending on the standard of accommodation and the season of your stay.