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Therapeutic and cleansing stays at the “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław

Discover the secrets of the effective cleansing diet, savour delicious meals prepared with vegetables and fruit, find out the sensational way to get rid of toxins, follow the recipe for a slim figure, regain the perfect frame of mind and enjoy your health.

“Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław invites you to take advantage of a unique therapeutic and cleansing package based on an unusual veg-and-fruit diet. Start your healthy eating adventure with us. You will certainly never regret the decision.


Why is it good to cleanse your body?

Following the veg-and-fruit diet your body will get rid of toxins and excessive fat. As a result, the joint pain will subside, the blood glucose level will stabilise, your general immunity will improve, your skin will look better, you will lose some weight and improve wellbeing and self-esteem.  The physical and mental efficiency of your body will also improve. Your memory will improve, too. The benefits of the diet are huge.

Who should go on the diet?

Who should incorporate the veg-and-fruit diet in their daily eating habits? Just about everyone! There are a great many conditions where the diet is recommended:

  • reinvigoration of the body in healthy people;
  • reduced immunity: bacterial, viral and fungal infections, allergies, asthma, food intolerance, migraine, rheumatism, thyroiditis , hepatitis, skin diseases and problems: psoriasis, acne, dryness, eczema;  
  • neurological diseases and affections: epilepsy, ischaemic brain stroke, excitation, neurosis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease;
  • endocrine diseases: menstruation disorders, menopausal disorders, hypothyroidism, hyperactive thyroid gland nodules, ovarian cysts;
  • metabolic disorders: hypertension, obesity, type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, obliterated bypasses, thrombosis, oedemas;  
  • osteoarthritis, periodontitis, cataract, varicose veins, gastrointestinal ulcers and polyps.

Please note that some patients are not advised to follow this diet. Counter indications: 

  • taking immunosuppressive drugs, i.e. steroids and cytostatic drugs;
  • adrenocortical insufficiency after steroid medication or Addison’s disease;
  • ultimate organ failure;
  • advanced stage neoplastic diseases;
  • increased metabolism conditions, such as hyperthyroidism;  
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • small children and girls at puberty;
  • people after organ transplantation;
  • acute depressions;
  • taking anticoagulant drugs (Sintrom, Acenocumarol, Warfin etc.),
  • type I diabetes.

Each therapeutic and cleansing stay diet comprises 14 nights.

A two-week stay includes the following:

A two-week stay includes the following:
  • accommodation at the Willa Ostoja at Sienkiewicza 49,
  • full board with meals prepared according to the veg-and-fruit diet,
  • treatments (morning gymnastics, Nordic Walking, Healthy Spine exercises,
    swimming pool exercise sessions, Salt Grotto sessions, jucuzzi)
  • medical consultation,
  • nursing care in the event of sudden illness,
  • weight monitoring and blood pressure checks,
  • passes for the “Solanki” Recreation Centre,
  • free entrance to public cultural and educational events organised by “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław.
  • film screenings, cooking shows, dance evenings, health-promoting instruction,
  • 15 % of discount for the services in the Beauty Salon over 100 PLN (additional information at the Reception)

Be prepared

One week before starting the veg-and-fruit diet, you should cut the following food and drinks: meat, dairy products, sugar, white flour-based processing food, black tea and coffee, and alcohol.