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Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling is a form of group activity which has become increasingly popular at health and fitness clubs. Basically, it involves fast-paced cycling on a special indoor bike (Tomahawk) while listening to motivating music. The classes are supervised by a trained and qualified instructor.


The benefits this kind of activity offers include a general improvement in your health status, well-being and a loss of excess fat, especially around the belly, hips and legs. A single 60-minute session may let you burn up to 900 calories.


However, this exercise does not only improve your physical fitness and figure. It also prevents or indirectly eliminates certain diseases of affluence, since regular physical activities – if done correctly – control blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, and improve the functions of the circulatory, respiratory and bone systems (prevents osteoporosis).


Anyone can start indoor cycling. There are no age, weight or health limitations because you can modify the loading of your ankle, knee and hip joints (by adjusting the pedalling resistance), and the training reduces the exposure of your spine to micro shocks.


Our instructor, Marta, has a B licence in the Tomahawk I.C.E. system. We hope the knowledge, skills and experience will make your training sessions with Marta both efficient and fun.