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“Solanki” Recreation Centre – the energy & passion spot

Start your fitness adventure at the “Solanki” Recreation Centre, located at Wilkońskiego 23 in Inowrocław. The centre is situated in Park Solankowy.

Our instructors will make your training good fun and efficient work on your body at the same time. Accept the challenge and workout with us! Burn heaps of calories, enjoy positive energy and wellbeing.  Prevention, not intervention – this is our motto.  Take care of your health and muscles now and you will avoid injuries and trauma in the future. Choose the appropriate type of physical activity for yourself and start training today.

The “Solanki” Recreation Centre houses two fitness gyms, an Indoor Cycling room, two weight training gyms, a sauna, a whirlpool bath and a swimming pool for recreation and rehabilitation purposes.

Our instructors are full of positive energy, continuously improve their qualifications and earn new certificates, and are involved in a number of exciting projects.

You will find a lot of interesting activities at the “Solanki” Recreation Centre, from traditional fitness classes, through advanced workouts to swimming-pool exercises.   Especially recommended: Zumba, yoga, indoor cycling, TBC, afterburn slimming, Tabata workout, Aqua Aerobic, physiotherapist-supported exercises and more.  

Do not wait any longer – buy a pass and take care of your shape!

We are looking forward to see you at Wilkońskiego 23 in Inowrocław. You can also enrol by phone: +48 506 387 259.