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A cryotherapeutic procedure in which the body is temporarily chilled in a temperature range of -100°C to -160°C. The procedure takes 1 to 3 minutes. It is recommended to people with rheumatic affections and locomotor organ injuries. The procedure is widely applied in biological regeneration and by people with sporting lifestyles.


Partial compresses with paraffin and ground volcanic rock. They are recommended to people with rheumatic affections, arthritis, osteoporosis and joint pains.  The procedure supports post-traumatic rehabilitation and reduces cellulite.


Infrared light therapy. The procedure induces a pleasant and warm sensation in the exposed part of the body. It is often used in preparation for massage, electrotherapy or physical exercises. Indications include neuralgias, post-dermatitis conditions, chronic and acute arthritis.

Polarised light therapy

Polarised light accelerates metabolism and tissue regeneration. This procedure is recommended in the treatment of ulcerations, traumatic and post-operative wounds. It improves the flow and clotting capability of blood, and enhances immunity at the time of general weakness. Polarised light has an analgetic effect.

Light therapy

Light therapy, also known as ‘heliotherapy’ supports metabolism, enhances blood formation processes, increases immunity and improves general mood. Light therapy is particularly recommended to people suffering from urogenital tuberculosis, chronic arthritis, respiratory tract diseases (bronchitis, laryngitis, rhinitis), tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis and skin diseases. The procedure has beneficial effects in the treatment of sleep disorders.