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Rehabilitation of mastectomy patients at “Solanki” Uzdrowisko Inowrocław

For 20 years, our sanatorium has been supporting foundations for mastectomy patients and since 2010 we have been providing therapeutic programs to women who have undergone breast surgery under a disability-prevention scheme operated by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).  We have specialist treatment facilities adapted to offer rehabilitation of patients after breast cancer surgery.

The comprehensive treatment of such patients involves medical, psychological and social rehabilitation. Recovery is supervised by experienced and highly-qualified specialists. Our physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors and nurses effectively implement rehabilitation programmes, teach post-mastectomy patients the essential self-massage and other beneficial health-promoting practices.  

The objective of rehabilitation of mastectomy patients is to maintain post-operative therapies and actively support the patients’ return to professional and family life.

When performed correctly, therapeutic exercises result in the elimination of swelling, improvement of the restricted shoulder joint movement on the side of the operated breast, correction of the affected body posture, enhancement of blood and fluid circulation in the limb and the area of the surgical procedure.

During the rehabilitation stays our personnel also takes care of the mental wellbeing of the post-mastectomy patients. We make efforts to encourage the patients to accept their situation, regain mental stability and the previous quality of life to the greatest possible extent.

Amazon Stays

The comprehensive treatment of mastectomy patients involves medical, psychological and social rehabilitation. There are 7-day and 14-day stays.

Some treatments and activities:

  • manual lymph drainage massage,
  • whirlpool massage,
  • group therapeutic gymnastics,
  • liquid nitrogen vapour therapy (cryotherapy),
  • fango compresses,
  • light therapy,
  • hydro massage,
  • laser therapy,
  • Sollux,
  • Kinesio Taping,
  • cycle ergometer training,
  • aromatic baths,
  • Nordic Walking.

Moreover, mastectomy patients may supplement their rehabilitation programme with compression therapy, which plays a key role in the treatment of lymphedema. In the compression therapy special bandages are used to accelerate tissue regeneration, reduce swelling and improve general mobility of the affected joints. 

Mastectomy outpatient package

This package is offered to men and women over 20.  It is recommended in such conditions as: swelling of upper limbs, circulatory problems, shoulder joint stasis, muscle tension or posture defects.

The package comprises:





BOA massage



Manual lymph drainage massage



Compression therapy


Package price: PLN 460.00 (you save PLN 115,00)