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Sauna and whirlpool bath

Experience pleasant warmth, relax and have a rest. Let the positive energy of infrared sauna surprise you. Relax your body to achieve the state of inner harmony.

Infrared sauna is a perfect option for people who cannot enjoy traditional high-temperature steam baths for health reasons. In an infrared sauna the temperatures range between 25 and 60 degrees Celsius. There is no hot air or steam, typical for traditional saunas. Infrared rays warm up your body only, while the surrounding areas remain unaffected.  In this way, you may enjoy the treatment for a longer time and it is safer.

An infrared sauna session will trigger positive emotions, eliminate effects of fatigue, reduce stress and has an overall antidepressant effect. Such sessions are recommended in the treatment of muscle pains, spinal pains and problems, sports injuries, dislocations, joint diseases and blood circulation disorders. The sauna will let you clean the body, removing toxins, reducing excessive fatty tissue and cellulite through accelerated metabolic processes. One visit is enough to feel better and let your body enjoy the state of blissful relaxation.

When you leave the infrared sauna, step into a whirlpool bath tub. Whirling water will further relax your muscles and firm your skin. The bath improves your mood and is a perfect solution to relieve nervous stress.  The warm water massage warms up the joints and improves circulation.

Like the sauna, the whirlpool bath also facilitates burning of fatty tissue and reduction of cellulite.  What’s more, a properly arranged whirlpool bath session may be a perfect venue for an unforgettable, romantic evening.


Infrared sauna session for intensive detoxification.

Sauna + whirlpool bath

This combined session provides intensive detoxification effects.

Sauna Exclusive

Up to 4 people. This exclusive session provides intensive detoxification effects.

Individual whirlpool bath

A relaxing whirlpool bath massage.

Whirlpool Bath Exclusive

A relaxing whirlpool bath massage.

Whirlpool Bath & Sauna Exclusive

Up to 4 people. Can be customised (candles, mood, scents)