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Face care at the Beauty Salon of the "Solanki” Medical SPA

  Free the natural beauty of your face. Feel the incredible power of care and relaxation. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury. Try our revitalising, moisturising and beauty-enhancing treatments.

Spend unforgettable moments, relaxed and regenerated. Visit the unique Beauty Salon of the “Solanki” Medical SPA at Wilkońskiego 23 in Inowrocław. Our professional treatments will restore the brilliance of your complexion. It will be perfectly cleansed, moisturised, silk smooth and rejuvenated.

Skin collagen supplementation

 In this treatment collagen in introduced into the skin.

Cleansing treatment with manual peeling

Cleansing treatment with manual peeling. Reduces excessive sebum, removes blackheads and controls the activity of sebaceous glands.

Enriched regenerating treatment

Intensive regeneration and restoration of the natural lipid barrier of the epidermis.

Ultrasonic peel with algae mask

Skin cleansing treatment involving ultrasounds and an algae mask.

Ultrasonic peel

Cleansing treatment involving ultrasounds. It levels out wrinkles through reduction of muscle contractions.


Mechanical exfoliation of the skin by means of diamond head, followed by the application of an algae mask.

Masaż twarzy, szyi i dekoltu z maską algową

Relaksacyjny masaż na bazie leczniczego wosku pszczelego i alg morskich poprawiający mikrokrążenie i wygląd twarzy.

Face and neckline massage

Relaxing massage improving microcirculation and appearance of the face.

Oxybrasion – face, neck and neckline + ampule and mask

Refreshing water and oxygen peel supplemented with an ampule and algae mask. 

Oxygen infusion for the face, neck and neckline

Introduction of serum into deeper layers of the epidermis using compressed oxygen. Improves the appearance of fatigued skin, lacking oxygen.

Oxygen infusion for the eye area

Introduction of serum into deeper layers of the epidermis using compressed oxygen. Improves the appearance of fatigued skin, lacking oxygen.

Azelaic Peel Dermaquest

Peeling medyczny przeznaczony dla osób z cerą wrażliwą, z trądzikiem różowatym w pierwszym stadium.

Dermaquest Pumpkin Peell

Chemical enzymatic peel for people with recurrent acne problems, seborrhoea and dilated blood vessels.

Dermaquest Jessner Peel

Medical peel for people with annoying skin problems, recurrent acne papules and blackheads, post-inflammatory acne leaving long-lasting marks and roughness.

Dermaquest TCA peel

Medical peel for thicker skin with wrinkles, lost suppleness or damaged by ultraviolet light. Ideal for scars, stretch marks and excessive sebum production.

Cleansing treatment

Cleansing of oily and mixed skin with excessive sebum production and blackheads.

Enriched moisturising treatment

Treatment for fatigued and dehydrated skin. Smooths out tiny wrinkles caused by dehydration.

Ultra Calming

Nourishing treatment for the most sensitive skin types. Soothes irritations and calms the skin.