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Body care

Discover the magic of sensual beauty. Restore the suppleness and shine of your skin. Experience the power of aromatic and relaxing baths. Relish the pleasure of touch during stress-relieving massages.  Put your body and mind into a state of blissful solace. Afford a moment of respite in the Beauty Salon of the “Solanki” Medical SPA.

Saline peel of the whole body

Deep cleansing, exfoliation and regeneration of the body by means of saline peel.

Price: PLN 60

Wine bath

Relaxing bath in water and wine extracts with antioxidant properties.  

Price: PLN 60

Wine bath
+ peel

Relaxing bath in water and wine extracts with antioxidant properties combined with a whole body peel.

Price: PLN 125

Hydro massage
with ozone therapy

Ozone bath.

Price: PLN 60

Pearl bath SPA
hydro massage with oils

Bath with aromatic oils. Relaxes and calms you down.

Price: PLN 50

Relaxing hot candle massage

Relaxing massage with warm beeswax, enriched with beautiful scent of aromatic plant extracts. Provides skin regeneration.

Price: 60 minutes – PLN 150, 30 minutes – PLN 65

Relaxing massage - partial

Stress-relieving massage of selected parts of the body.

Price: 30 minutes – PLN 55, 15 minutes – PLN 15

Relaxing massage – total

Stress-relieving massage of the whole body.

Price: PLN 100,00

Relaxing massage - feet

Stress-relieving massage of the feet.

Price: PLN 20

SPA capsule

Steam capsule session. Removes toxins, moisturises, warms up and relaxes muscles. 

Price: PLN 20

Lava shell massage

Relaxing massage using warm lava shells from the Philippines.  Regenerates skin and relaxes muscles.  

Price: PLN 140

Vacuum massage

Anti-cellulite treatment.

20 minutes – PLN 10, 1 minute – PLN