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Brine Graduation Towers

All sanatoriums and spa facilities of Inowrocław are situated in or on the edge of over 100-year-old Park Solankowy, stretching on the area of 55 hectares. There is a variety of trees with numerous natural monuments, beautiful ponds with fountains and carefully-tended colourful flower carpets. It makes it a perfect place for long walks, Nordic walking or cycling.

There are a few monuments and statues, for example of Zygmunt Wilkoński, one of the founders of the spa, and Generl Władysław Sikorski. In front of the main entrance to the park visitors are welcomed by a tall statue of peacock, which also serves as a sundial.

In the summer season the park band shell hosts concerts and outdoor cultural events.

An „oak alley” made of trees planted by celebrities from the Polish world of art, culture, and sport has been growing in the park for a few years now.
However, the biggest attraction of the park is the brine graduation towers, delighting visitors with their unique construction and healthful effects since 2001. The towers are laid out on the plan of two connected polygons. The structure is 9 metres high and 300 meters long. An observation deck runs the whole length and provides a panoramic view of the park and beyond. The brine graduation towers of Inowrocław are the second in terms of size and were the third to be erected in Poland. There are only eight other structures of this kind in the whole of Europe.

The concept of operation of a brine graduation tower is quite simple. Brine is pumped to the highest level of the structure and then flows freely down through blackthorn twigs thus evaporating. The aerosol that forms around the towers is used both for prevention and treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, thyroid gland diseases, or allergic skin disorders. It also reduces arterial blood pressure and has other beneficial effects.

There is also a bowling alley and a mini-golf course on the premises.