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Therapeutic massage

Loosens up muscle, tissue and skin tension. Improves the supply of blood in the massaged body part or area and enhances tissue nutrition. Expanding capillary and lymph vessels increases the flow of lymph and removes tissue fluid from intercellular spaces, leading to the elimination of swelling. The massage reduces muscle tension and enhances analgetic effects.

BOA lymph drainage massage

This kind of massage uses special BOA sleeves. It is recommended in post-injury rehabilitation, treatment of lymphatic insufficiency, chronic venous insufficiency, swelling of the upper limbs following mastectomy, treatment of obesity and cellulite.  The massage has a substantial impact on the body. The procedure causes removal of toxic deposits, stimulates venous and lymphatic drainage and improves the elasticity of tissues.

Manual lymph drainage massage

This type of massage is used in the treatment of various forms of limb swelling. It consists in stroking, rubbing and compressing skin to eliminate swelling and improve circulation. The procedure brings immediate effects. It reduces the sensation of heaviness and restores the right appearance of the limbs.

Therapeutic massage with oils

This is a whole-body massage with the use of special essential oils or scented candles. The procedure is a ritual for the body and soul. It relaxes the muscles, soothes mental stress, brings relief and the feeling of relaxation. The massage helps fight sleep disturbance and eliminates pain and dizziness.  Thanks to the essential oils, the skin becomes properly hydrated, nourished and regenerated.  The skin colour improves as well.

Therapeutic massage of the feet

This is a type of therapeutic massage which consists in pressing on specific points on the feet. It has a powerful impact on the body. It improves blood circulation and stamina, supports the body’s immune system and soothes rheumatic pain. The therapeutic massage of the feet is the best way to relax and reduce emotional stress.

Hot stone massage

A combination of the application of pleasantly warm stones and appropriate massage techniques.  This procedure is recommended to people experiencing stress and fatigue.  It relaxes, revitalises and rejuvenates the body. The massage helps fighting cellulite, improves skin elasticity and regenerates the body after prolonged physical efforts.  Hot stone massage is recommended to people suffering from excessive strain, orthopaedic injuries, sciatica and circulatory system diseases.

Lava shell massage

Special massage shells are sourced from the Philippine coastline. They have a perfectly smooth and delicate surface. The massage offers a sensual experience, eliminates the feeling of fatigue, relaxes muscle tension, rejuvenates the skin and improves its suppleness.

Mechanical therapeutic massage

This procedure is performed in a special massage chair with adjustable stimulation frequency and power. The massaged parts of the body comprise thighs, shanks, buttocks and the spine. These parts can be massaged individually or at the same time. The aim of the procedure is to relieve stress and spinal pains, relax tense muscles and improve circulation.

Mechanical therapeutic massage

The other type of mechanical massage involves a water bed. This procedure is recommended to people with rheumatic diseases, respiratory tract diseases, motor system and metabolic disorders.

Compression therapy (bandages)

This type of therapy involves special compression bandages. It consists in the application of a specific pressure on the body, which penetrates inside the limbs, increasing the internal tissue pressure. It is recommended in such conditions as chronic venous insufficiency, lymphedema and venous thrombosis.